Cuba for Digital Nomads - Guide and Tips

Cuba for Digital Nomads - Guide and Tips

Is it possible to be a digital nomad in Cuba?

It is entirely feasible to be a Digital Nomad in Cuba, however we recommend that you first examine the following points:

  1. Is Cuba a good place to live?
  2. What is the Cuban economy like?
  3. What is the Cuban education system like?
  4. What is the Cuban healthcare system like?
  5. What is the Cuban legal system like?
  6. What is the Cuban culture like?
  7. What is the Cuban language like?
  8. What are the Cuban people like?
  9. What is the Cuban climate like?
  10. What is the Cuban political situation like?

Is Cuba suitable for digital nomads?

For digital nomads, Cuba is an excellent country thanks to its inexpensive accommodation and friendly people.

We were able to visit Cuba in June 2018.
The weather is nice, the people are friendly, the food is great and the culture is intriguing.
If you want to visit Cuba as a digital nomad, you’ll find that it’s a great place to be.
There are a lot of digital nomads in Cuba, and the government is happy to have them.
We’ve been fortunate to meet some really cool digital nomads who are living in Cuba.
You can get a free one-month tourist visa from the Cuban embassy in your home country.
We applied for a visa in Canada, and it took about 3 weeks.
Our visa was issued in 3 days.
If you’re a digital nomad, you’re probably wondering if Cuba is a good place to visit.
Let’s see why Cuba is great for digital nomads.
We’re going to talk about the reasons why Cuba is great for digital nomads.
Cheap accommodation
The price of accommodation is cheap in Cuba.
In Havana, we paid $10 USD per night for a room in a hostel.
If you’re travelling to Havana on a budget, you can get a room for $8 USD.

What are the steps to becoming a digital nomad in Cuba?

There are 3 main steps to becoming a digital nomad in France:

  • Learn French
  • Learn Spanish
  • Learn to code

Learn French
The first step is to learn French. It is the most important language to learn to be able to work in Cuba.
Learn Spanish
The second step is to learn Spanish. It is also the most important language to learn in Cuba.
Learn to code
The third step is to learn to code. It is a must to be able to work in Cuba.

Can digital nomads work in Cuba?

It’s possible to be a digital nomad working in Cuba, but you will need to get creative.

Why digital nomads work in Cuba
Cuba is a communist country. The internet is a rare luxury for most Cubans. Only 2% of the population has a smartphone. But if you have a smartphone, you have a way to work from anywhere in the world.
The country has a population of 11 million people, but only 1.8 million have access to the internet. The rest of the population lives without the internet, so they rely on the government for information and services.
If you want to work in Cuba, you have to be creative. The government does not allow foreigners to work in Cuba, so you will need to be a Cuban national and work under a Cuban work permit.
Cuban work permits are not easy to get, and they are not cheap. It’s not uncommon to pay $1,500 to $2,000 to get one. This can make it very difficult to pay rent, and you may not be able to work while you wait for your work permit to be approved.
The digital nomad community has a network of Cubans who work in Cuba as freelancers and consultants. They often find work for digital nomads who are looking for a place to work in Cuba.
How to work in Cuba as a digital nomad

Is Cuba Good for digital nomads?

Cuba is a great place for digital nomads, but there are a few things you need to know before you go.

I’ve been living in Cuba for the last 2 months and I’m still amazed at the progress that has been made since the Special Period.
The Special Period was a period of economic crisis in Cuba from 1990 to 1994, during which the economy was devastated by the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Cuba was forced to import food and other basic goods from the outside world, and it was in this period that the Cuban government began to take a more active role in the economy.
This was a time of great political change, as Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba since 1959, was forced to step down in favour of his brother Raúl.
The new government embarked on a series of reforms, including the creation of a new constitution, the end of the one-party system, and the creation of a new constitution.
This was a time of great change in Cuba, and it’s a period that I’m very proud to have been part of.
In the years since, Cuba has seen a huge boom in tourism, with a number of new hotels and restaurants opening in the capital Havana and in other cities around the country.

Can you be a digital nomad in Cuba?

The answer is yes. You just need to have a mobile device, a Wi-Fi connection and some cash. There are many ways to make money in Cuba, but the most popular are:

  • Teaching English
  • Working in tourism
  • Freelancing
  • Translating
  • Working in a call centre
  • Being a blogger
  • Being a photographer
  • Writing articles
  • Editing articles
  • Being a translator
  • Doing online marketing
  • Doing SEO
  • Doing social media marketing
  • Doing content marketing
  • Doing online sales
  • Doing digital marketing
  • Doing direct marketing
  • Doing email marketing
  • Doing affiliate marketing
  • Doing online surveys
  • Doing online research