Remote work at Alphabet

Does Alphabet allow remote workers?

The answer is no.

But they do allow remote workers to work from home.
This is a common misconception.
Alphabet allows remote workers to work from home.
Alphabet does not allow remote workers to work from home.
I’ve had the opportunity to work for Alphabet for over a year now.
I’ve worked in their offices, I’ve worked from home, I’ve worked from a coffee shop, and I’ve worked from a library.
I’ve worked in offices, I’ve worked from home, I’ve worked from a coffee shop, and I’ve worked from a library.

Can Alphabet employees work remotely?

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is making its first major move in the area of remote work. The company announced that it would allow all employees to work remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company has been gradually rolling out remote work opportunities to employees since at least 2016. Employees who work from home will be expected to use the company’s collaboration tools, such as Google Docs, Gmail and Hangouts.
In a blog post, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai wrote:
“We’ve been working remotely for several years now, and I believe that having the entire company working remotely can help us to do our best work in this time of need.”
However, this move comes with some caveats. Employees will not be allowed to work from home for more than eight hours a day. Pichai also wrote that the company is “evaluating the effectiveness of remote working” and “will continue to make adjustments as necessary.”
“In the past, we’ve seen the impact of remote working, and have been inspired by the positive impact that it can have on productivity and quality of life,” Pichai wrote. “We want to continue to support remote work, and will do so in a way that keeps people safe.

What is your biggest challenge with working remotely?

The answer is simple: time management. It’s easy to get distracted by the things that are going on around you. You have to be very disciplined to stay on track and keep your focus.

If you’re a remote worker, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t just sit in your office and stare at your computer screen all day. You have to get up and move around.
I’m a remote worker, too, and I’ve had to learn how to manage my time. I’m not a morning person, so I’ve had to learn to be disciplined and get up early.
The good news is that you don’t have to be a morning person to be productive. You just have to be disciplined.
I’ve made a list of the things that I do to keep myself on track. I’m not saying that you have to do all of them. I’m just sharing what works for me.
Set a schedule
If you don’t set a schedule, you’ll never get anything done.
I’ve written about this before. You have to set a schedule for yourself. You have to decide how much time you’re going to spend on a project, and you have to stick to it.